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Node.js Rules Chatterbox: Customizable Realtime Messages on a Drupal site

This is a the module I wish I had when I started to integrate node.js with Drupal.

In its essence, Node.js Rules Chatterbox is a simple way to make your site spit out real-time messages to your site users.

Whether it's a warning message to admin or notification to certain members, it provides a simple way to customize display messages using Rules. For a site builder, it gives you the real-time notifications power of node.js with the ease of creating customized events and reactions via Drupal Rules UI.

Building Mobile Apps for Drupal Conference Sites

I'm excited to announce that we've built our first Drupal-powered apps for iOS and Android. The apps are in the Android and Apple marketplace and are helped to improve one association's yearly technical conference.

More Flexibility for Flags: Using Flag Limiter to create simple registration and signup

Flag limiter allows you to put limits on any flag in your Drupal site.

Like Views or Rules modules, flag module is one of my favorite, general purpose Drupal modules. Flag module let’s you create a customizable system of “flags” for things like bookmarks, important content, friends, flag as offensive or whatever. With great Views and Rules integration, it’s a powerful combination for site builders.

Event Registration Site with Panopoly, Drupal Commerce Registration and Stripe: A Drupal, Awesome-sause Mashup.

15 paid orders per minute = 150 orders in the first 10 minutes.

On Saturday, March 9, 2013, we opened up online registration. In the lead-up to the event, there was a lot of online excitement and build up leading up to registration. The past events (in 2011 and 2012) had all gone extremely well but there been some difficulties with the online registration process.

Create a Pre-Launch Site with ComingSoon Drupal Distribution

Pardon the naming confusion! ComingSoon is already here. Or to put it another way, this project is not coming soon; it’s already here. It simple is: ComingSoon.

ComingSoon is a Drupal 7 distribution to quickly create a pre-launch site announcing your project and start collecting email addresses for your early adopters as you develop your game plan, validate customer needs and build your version 1.0.

Cheap Drupal Website Usability Testing: Practical Lessons and Experiments via Amazon's Mechanical Turk

Cheap Drupal Website Usability Testing: Practical Lessons and Experiments via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk

You need to know if your site makes sense to your users. You don’t know what your users don’t know, don’t understand, etc.. You need feedback. This is first requirement of any sensible approach to usability and usability testing.

In this post, I’m going to present a personal experiment and reflections on “outsourcing” my usability testing via Amazon’s Mechanical Turk program.

Drupal's Revolution-In-Progress: Doing What Users Expect via Better Interaction, User Interfaces and User Experience

I was discussing with a recent client about the next stages of their project. We’d more or less gotten the functionality he requested right but something was still missing.

He wrote, “The site basically does what I want, but I feel like something is not quite right.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.


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